THE FINE PRINT: Copyright and Useage Statement



Most of the art and writing here is the original work of Teramis. If it is the work of someone else it is credited specifically at the end of the article, or if in the public domain, a note is included to that effect. If you see no unique identifiers in text or graphics regarding authorship, it is the intellectual property of Teramis and all rights to its use are reserved, except for the permissions granted below.

If you wish to use the work of others, contact the author or artist for permission. URLs and email addresses are hotlinked where appropriate and when known.

Regarding Teramis' work: Material on this site may be freely distributed and reproduced for personal use only.  That means for your own use, or to share with a friend or two. That does NOT mean, distribution to discussion mailing lists, whether public or private; use in hardcopy publications, websites, archives, ezines, or other electronic venues that permit public access. Such uses are expressly forbidden without explicit written permission from the author.

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